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Do you a need Corporate Training Institute? Do you find yourself or your organization operating in a significantly changed business environment where you struggle to remain competitive? Are you finding it difficult to integrate into a new career due to a mismatch of your skills and what’s expected from your leadership team? Have you been struggling to discover a global corporate training consulting company that has the resources and expertise to serve your entire organizational needs with accuracy and precision?

Look no further. Partner with Blossom Corporate Training (BCT) — an enterprise leader trusted by prominent public and private sector organizations — to upskill and reskill your teams with leadership mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture that drives overall organizational success. Our goal is simple: to boost workforce-partner productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Why Choose BCT?

01. Consultative Approach

To design a curriculum that equips participants with industry in-demand skills, BCT conducts a series of meetings with your workforce to identify their skill gaps. Suggestions from each meeting are considered. Desk research is also conducted to ensure that all skill gaps are bridged.

Corporate Training Institution

02. Instructional Design

Based on the series of conversations with your workforce, we design a business case where we mock up a challenge at the workplace of the client. Throughout the training program, our goal is to leverage real-world examples to seamlessly address this challenge.

03. Flexible Delivery Options

Your team learns in a format that fits their goals and schedule. We can employ a blended approach — including online, at your office, or at one of our global campuses — to create an impactful learning experience.

Corporate Training Institution

04. Projects-Led Training

Developed with university professors globally and retired business executives, our projects benchmark teams so you can evaluate technical and soft skills, and prescribe training that targets strengths and weaknesses.

05. Elite Trainers

Your most important relationship with BCT is through our Trainers and so, not surprisingly, we take great care in both their selection and retention. We look for, and measure, solid evidence that they are experts in delivering their specialized fields.


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