Data Scientist Job Opportunities, Salary Package and Course Fee in Bangladesh

According to an estimate by Seagate, the quantity of data generated annually by 2025 will reach 175 zettabytes!

Every organisation will claim to be engaged in some type of data science, but what does it entail? Data science is committed to the gathering of clean information from raw data for preparing actionable insights. The field is growing so steadily and transfiguring so many industries and enabling them to conceptualize actionable insights.

A data scientist is in charge of collecting, scrutinizing and transliterating an extensive amount of data in order to uncover patterns and trends. Data scientists in the business realm frequently work in groups to mine vast amounts of data for information that may be used to forecast client behaviour and identify new revenue opportunities. Data scientists are often in charge of defining best practices for data gathering, analysis, and interpretation in their organizations.

Data scientists count copiously on artificial intelligence, significantly its sub-fields like machine learning and deep learning, to build models and come up with predictions using algorithms and other methodologies.

Bangladesh is rapidly growing as a software exporter. Over 300 software and IT-enabled services companies presently operate in Bangladesh, serving clients in over thirty countries across four continents. Bangladesh is also blessed with a huge number of young, entrepreneurial, and well-educated entrepreneurs that are passionate about ICT entrepreneurship and will undoubtedly keep the software and IT-enabled services business thriving for many years to come.

Data Science Job Opportunities in Bangladesh

Machine learning and data science have exploded in popularity in such a short period of time that there aren’t enough skilled professionals to fill the void! Data Science as a career option opens up new opportunities for professional growth in the years ahead. In the field of data science, being a data scientist is not your only option. What else can I do with a Data Science specialisation?

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Applications Architect
Data Architect
Enterprise Architect
Infrastructure Architect

Data Science Fees in Bangladesh

The Online Data Science Course Fee at DataMites is BDT 1,30,980, however, with the discount, our Data Science Training in Bangladesh is only BDT 69,507

Data Scientist Salary in Bangladesh

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for data scientists in Bangladesh is BDT 60,000 per month.

In Bangladesh, the highest monthly income for a Data Scientist is BDT 1,29,000.
In Bangladesh, the lowest wage for a Data Scientist is BDT 30,499 per month.


The average salary of a Data Scientist in Bangladesh is BDT 120,000 yearly.

Dhaka is the financial, industrial, and entertainment capital of Bangladesh, accounting for up to 35% of the country’s GDP. Since its inception as a modern capital city, Dhaka’s population, area, social, and economic diversity have all risen considerably. The information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Dhaka is one of the city’s fastest-growing industries.


In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the average monthly income for a Data Scientist is BDT 60,000.

Data Scientist in Dhaka will earn maximum BDT 1,31,000 per month
In Dhaka, the lowest wage for a Data Scientist is BDT 28,999 per month.

Who is eligible for Data Science?

The first step toward becoming a data scientist is to earn a bachelor’s degree in data science or a related field such as mathematics, statistics, economics, or computer science. Prior to securing your first entry-level data scientist position, you should consider pursuing a data science specialisation or certification, as well as obtaining a master’s degree in the discipline.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

To begin the discovery process, ask the correct questions.
Gather data
Clean and process the data
Integrate and save the data
Conduct preliminary data analysis and exploratory data analysis
Pick one or more potential models and algorithms to work with.
Apply data science approaches like machine learning, statistical modelling, and artificial intelligence to counteract problems.
Evaluate and improve outcomes
Inform stakeholders about the final outcome.
Make changes in response to feedback
Repeat the procedure to solve a new problem

Essential Skills of a Data Scientist

Essential Skills of a Data Scientist
Statistical analysis
Machine Learning
Computer science
Analytical thinking
Business Intuition
Interpersonal skills

But, where do I begin?

DataMites’ Data Science Courses in Bangladesh could help you get started in the field of data science

Datamites provides specialised training in fields including Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, IoT, and Python Learning. DataMites has received global recognition from the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC).

DataMites provide encyclopaedic training from industry experts to help you become a world-class expert in the topics that matter the most. Without a question, investing in DataMites training is the best move you can make.

We render Online Data Science Course in Bangladesh comprises a variety of courses for beginners to experienced professionals as well as managers!

If you are a fresher you can commence your Data Science Career through Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Scientist or Diploma in Data Science Training.

For senior managers and businesses owners, DataMites offers courses such as; Data Science for Managers, Certified Data Scientist HR Course, Certified Data Scientist Marketing Course and Certified Data Scientist Finance Course.

Professionals who wish to upgrade their professional capabilities can apply for; Statistics for Data Science, Data Science with R Programming Course, Python for Data Science. Data Science Associate, Certified Data Scientist Operations and Data Science with R Programming Course.

The twenty-first century will be ruled by data. Many businesses and industries progressively visualize data science as an indispensable component. Increased conversions, more in-depth market analysis for competitive advantage in pricing strategies or product development, improved operational efficiency, and lower risk exposure is all possible outcomes of effective forecasting models.

Companies are increasingly focusing on acquiring data science knowledge, which has resulted in the birth of a whole new set of data science professions and titles. New occupations and titles are occasionally added to suit changing demands; other times, they are likely created as a unique approach to distinguish yourself from other recruiters. In any event, it’s tough to obtain a wide understanding of the different job tasks, and it’s harder to figure out which job function would best suit your personal and professional objectives.

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