Data Scientist Jobs, Salaries and Course Fee in Nepal

By 2027, the worldwide data science platform market is expected to be worth roughly $25.94 billion, according to estimates. Between 2020 and 2027, this implies a 26.9% increase.

A Data Scientist attempts to investigate various data patterns in order to determine the impact on a business. A data scientist’s ability to communicate the meaning of data in a way that others can understand is critical. To handle difficult problems, they must have the essential statistical understanding of multiple computer languages.

Data-driven decision-making may undoubtedly drive an organization’s growth and success, and Data Science can help! As a result, we won’t have to wonder why this field is exploding!

The economy of Nepal is significantly influenced by the rising IT sector. In the coming years, IT has the potential to generate enormous development, investment, and profitability, and it is predicted to be one of the most important growth contributors to the Nepal economy. The heftiest difficulty for the majority of the IT industry is that it is getting increasingly competitive.

We have seen many changes in the IT revolution, from the machine period to the automated era. Now that we’ve come this far, we’re completely immersed in the realm of technology.

Job Opportunities in Nepal

In the approaching years, there will be greater demand for Data Scientists. Companies are increasingly relying on technology to mine massive amounts of data for insights and forecasts. This has established data science as a superior employment option, whether for new graduates or seasoned professionals. Data scientists are in high demand in practically every sector of the business, but their supply isn’t keeping up. A career in data science can be extremely rewarding, as you will be able to choose from a variety of job titles based on your preferences!

According to LinkedIn research, data science will be one of the fastest-growing jobs in 2020.

Data Science Fees in Nepal

DataMites data science course fee is NPR 178,790 for Online Course, but with the discount, our Data Science Training in Nepal costs only NPR 94,886.

Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, is located in a valley surrounded by Himalayan mountains. With a promising future in the realm of information technology. The construction of various IT organisations, software development companies, and communications corporations necessitate a large number of IT human resources, resulting in increased job opportunities in Kathmandu and Nepal as a whole.

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Applications Architect
Data Architect
Enterprise Architect
Infrastructure Architect
Business Intelligence Manager

The ZipRecruiter had estimated that the average Data Scientist salary even for an entry-level position is $69,000. Whereas an average Data Scientist salary for a mid-level position is $89,000 per annum!

Who is eligible for Data Science?

You can be a newcomer or a professional, if you are interested in Data Science you can obviously opt for it. Basic courses in Data Science requires high school level knowledge on subjects like mathematics, statistics, economics and maths are minimum requirements.

How to begin?

DataMites’ Data Science Courses in Nepal may assist you in launching your data science career.

Datamites specialises in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Python Learning. DataMites has received worldwide recognition from the IABAC (International Association of Business Analytics Certification).

DataMites provide encyclopaedic training from industry experts to help you become a world-class expert on the topics that matter most. Investing in DataMites Data Science Training is the best move you can make.

We provide online data science course in Nepal that includes a wide range of courses for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals and managers!

If you are a fresher you can jumpstart your Data Science Career through Data Science Foundation, Certified Data Scientist or Diploma in Data Science Training.

For senior managers and businesses owners, Datamites offers courses such as; Data Science for Managers, Certified Data Scientist Marketing Course, Certified Data Scientist HR Course and Certified Data Scientist Finance Course.

Professionals who wish to enhance their professional capabilities can apply for; Statistics for Data Science, Data Science with R Programming Course, Python for Data Science. Data Science Associate, Certified Data Scientist Operations and Data Science with R Programming Course.

To Conclude

The data science discipline is now hot, and this is unlikely to alter in the foreseeable future. While a data-driven strategy is making its way into every aspect of business, organisations are fiercely competing for the greatest data analytic capabilities on the market, and data science wages are skyrocketing.

Indeed, Online Data Science Course in Nepal can help you gain a competitive advantage over others in the best possible way!

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