Blossom Corporate Training LLC (BCT) is a global training and workforce development company based in the United States of America, with its subsidiary in Ghana.

Providing in-demand skills through quality education

The gap in today’s workplace environment cannot be ignored. More than ever, employers are finding that employees lack essential personal, team and business leadership skills. BCT creates training and development programs that work, helping organizations translate their cultural and strategic aspirations into deep execution. We train your workforce to be adaptive, invoke leadership, and think/communicate from a globally-celebrated perspective. We understand the unique learning global challenges, and our team of learning experts works collaboratively across market segments to evaluate and deliver custom workforce development solutions specific to each region we operate in.

Our Mission

We are excited about the role quality learning and workforce development can play in enabling our clients to prosper from both the exciting opportunities and difficult challenges of the 21st century. BCT’s mission is to transform, empower, and inspire learners globally by designing and implementing world-class training programs for the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

We believe experience is vital but experience + training + motivation are much better. The ability of a workforce-partner to assume responsibility and to take charge effectively can be rapidly accelerated and the risk of failure reduced through effective training that builds confidence and empowers individuals to assume management and leadership roles. Powered by this belief, our vision is to grow to be the most respected workforce development partner of government agencies and corporate institutions globally.

Our Learning Methodology

  1. Presentation- Variety of modules will be used to enhance participation and understanding.
  2. Role Play – Modern facilitation techniques will be used to aid easy understanding and practical application of the concepts learnt.
  3. Case Study – Examination of a particular case within a real world context is shared in each training program.
  4. Evaluation – At the conclusion of workshop, an evaluation will be conducted by all participants of which recommendation for improvement will be collected.

Lead Faculty

Ms. Bronwyn Crawford
Dr. Bhekumthetho Ncube

Ms. Paramita Sanyal

Dr. Judy Thomas

Dr. Gibbet Magaisa