Oil and gas reserves of a nation are considered to be its most important asset. The success of the oil and gas industry plays a huge role in the success of the economy of a nation. Simply possessing rich resources of oil and gas does not make a nation prosperous and powerful. More importantly, proper exploration, extraction, processing and supply of these resources in time to places of high demand determine how successful and developed an organisation and a nation could be. This course provides the training and insight required for senior policy-makers from around the world to manage and govern their nation’s oil, gas or mineral resources for a better future. The course again, builds a better understanding of the interests of the public and private sectors and facilitates dialogue and mutual appreciation of respective positions between these different groups.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of the elements of a country level natural resource strategy and the ability to lead in, or influence, the formation of effective policies for the governance of natural resources.

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