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At the heart of every successful organization are skilled, engaged and productive employees. As the workforce rapidly evolves, people will remain the single most important asset of any organization.

For several years, BCT has been a leading provider of Corporate and International Training Solutions. We’ll work collaboratively with you to close skill gaps and help your organization gain a competitive edge in an age of disruption —for today and the future.


(*The list is not exhaustive.)

Management & Administration Programs

CodeProgram Title
MA001Masterclass for Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants
MA002Strategic Thinking, Analyzing and Planning
MA003Achieving Administrative Excellence
MA004Advanced Office Management for Administrators & Executive Assistants
MA005Meeting Procedures, Professional Minute Taking and Report Writing Skills
MA006High Impact Business Communication for Administrative Professionals
MA007Strategic Management for Senior Executives & Managers

Service Excellence Programs

CodeProgram Title
SE001Customer Complaints Management Systems and Ethics for Complaints Handlers
SE002Customer Service: Dealing with difficult customers/clients

Banks & Financial Services Programs

CodeProgram Title
BFS001Credit Analysis Process and Evaluation
BFS002Credit Risk Management
BFS003Financial Viability Assessment
BFS004Corporate Finance & Treasury Management
BFS005Risk-based Internal Audit
BFS006Credit Management & Control
BFS007Banking Innovations and Financial Strategies
BFS008Finance for Non-Financial Executives
BFS009Financial Risk Management

Accounting & Financial Management Programs

CodeProgram Title
AFM001Public Financial Management
AFM002Advance Financial Statement Analysis
AFM003Auditing & Financial Crimes Investigation
AFM004Forensic Accounting and Auditing
AFM005Financial Modeling & Valuation
AFM006Advanced Financial Analysis, Modeling & Forecasting
AFM007International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
AFM008International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Human Resource Programs

CodeProgram Title
HR001Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition & Management
HR002Improving Performance for Organizational Effectiveness
HR003Successful Retirement Planning
HR004Conflict Resolution Strategies for HR Managers/Directors
HR005Human Resource Analytics
HR006Effective Individual Development & Training Needs Analysis
HR007Work-life Balance

Leadership Development Programs

CodeProgram Title
LD001Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Critical thinking
LD002Professional Development for Senior PA & Executive Assistants
LD003Leadership and Governance in the Public Service
LD004Strategic Policy Planning
LD005Team Leadership, Communication & Interpersonal Skills
LD006Value based Leadership
LD007Leading and Managing Strategy
LD008Naturing Leadership Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
LD009Strategic Crisis Management and Contingency Planning
LD0010Women in Leadership

Oil & Gas Programs

CodeProgram Title
OG001International Petroleum Management
OG002Effective Oil & Gas and Mining
OG003Executive Petroleum Revenue Management

Public Relations & Communications Programs

CodeProgram Title
PRC001Effective Communication and PR
PRC002Developing a Strategic PR Communication Plan
PRC003Crisis Management Strategies for Public Relations Professional
PRC004Social Media and Communication Technology
PRC005Corporate Communication

Public Governance Programs

CodeProgram Title
PG001Corporate Governance
PG002Improving Performance and Accounting in the Public Service
PG003Public Private Partnership Fundamentals
PG004Public Sector Reform and Capacity Building

Procurement & Contract Programs

CodeProgram Title
PC001Managing Contracts, Monitoring and Evaluating Performance
PC002Designing Tenders and Managing Contracts
PC003E-Procurement Processes
PC004Procurement Best Practices
PC005Advanced Procurement tactics for Executives and Managers
PC006Procurement Planning and Managing Operations
PC007Procurement in Public Sector

Project Management Programs

CodeProgram Title
PM001Advanced Project Financial Management of Government and World Bank Funded Projects
PM002Project Risk Management and Compliance
PM003Project Management for Non-Project Managers
PM004Regulatory Impact Analysis
PM005Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation
PM006Leading a Project Management Team

Healthcare Programs

CodeProgram Title
HC001Health Professions Ethics
HC002Analyzing and Evaluating Healthcare
HC003HR Strategies for Health Services
HC004Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Technical Programs

CodeProgram Title
TP001Executing Total Quality Management Systems in an Organization
TP002SQL Foundations
TP003Data Analytics for Procurement Professionals
TP004Data Analytics for Every Professional
TP005Machine Learning Foundations
TP006Deep Learning Foundations
TP007Python for Data Analytics
TP008Data and Document Management
TP009Fraud Investigation and Forensic Auditing
TP0010Advanced ICT Management
TP0011Natural Language Processing
TP0012Cybersecurity Awareness & Data Risk Management

Customized Programs

CodeProgram Title
CP001Policy & Law-making for Parliamentarians
CP002Ethics Management and Compliance
CP003Contemporary issues in Parliamentary Governance
CP004Decentralization and Local Government Reforms
CP005Developing an understanding of tools used in translating population census data into economic development strategies
CP006Effective Parliamentary Oversight: Having a Strategic impact on Defense and Security
CP007Forest Resource Management
CP008Impact of Gender awareness, Equity and Diversity on National Development
CP009Promotion of Employment & the Right to work decency in the Public and Private Sector
CP0010Protection & Sustainable Utilization of Wildlife Resources
CP0011Strategic Legislative Management
CP0012Strategic Planning and Effective Administration of Parliamentary Services
CP0013Strengthening School Level accountability through sharing of key data: A Parliamentary Oversight on Education Sector
CP0014Trends in Telecommunication Reforms
CP0015Understanding International Relations: The Ghanaian Perspective
CP0016Young Parliamentarians in Development