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Risk- Based Internal Analysis

Risk Based Internal Auditing is a methodology that enables internal audit to assess the adequacy of the assurance sources. Internal audits play a crucial role in managing an organization’s risks and mitigating these to avoid disastrous consequences. This training will help delegates deliver fully integrated risk-based audit assignments, discover the key principles and standards associated with internal audits, along with how to identify, fraud, plan, execute, and report on internal audit assignments and the key factors to consider at each stage.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, delegates will be able to;

  • Define the scope and function of internal audit within the company
  • Distinguish the types of internal audit assignments related to operational, compliance, quality, safety or financial internal audit
  • Describe the internal audit planning guidelines and develop a risk-based audit plan
  • Apply techniques for risk identification, controls identification and controls testing
  • Identify the best sampling techniques in an internal audit assignment considering sample size or selection

Target Audience

  • Finance officers
  • Senior management
  • Managers
  • Operations managers
  • Auditors

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