Strategic Crisis Management and Contingency Planning are key elements of effective management principles. Rigorous testing and training go a long way towards ensuring the readiness of your organization to handle emergencies. Risks are a huge part of life, and especially in businesses, foreseeing risks and being able to tackle them efficiently could prevent fatal, economical and brand-image related losses. Effective Strategic Crisis Management depends on sound and swift decision-making, and neither can happen without corporate-wide and multi-agency pre-planning. Expert analysis of the business crisis finds that rushed strategic management decisions, incorrect statements, actions, or inactions have caused many of the most newsworthy business crisis during or following an event. This program equips delegates with applicable insights and practical skills for navigating critical moments before, during, and after a crisis strikes.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Strategic Crisis Management and Contingency Planning Training, participants will be able to:

  • Gain insight into the objectives and fundamentals of crisis readiness
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the key aspects of Strategic Crisis Management.
  • Learn how to recognize and prioritize the issues that are most likely to affect corporate reputation during and after the crisis.
  • Learn the fundamentals of organizing and managing Crisis or Emergency Control Centers.
  • Learn how to plan and manage multi-agency exercises
  • Create a Business Continuity and Crisis Response Plan for your organization
Target Audience


  • Line managers and Supervisors
  • Security & Fire Management Personnel
  • Health, Safety, and Environment personnel
  • Emergency and Crisis Management Responders
  • Ministry or government regulators
  • Risk, marketing, and insurance professionals
  • Human Resource Management

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