In the 20th century, women worked extra hard to make it in a ‘man’s world’. Now the world is recognizing that women are actually better suited to lead in the new economic realities. Women represent a critical segment of the global workforce, yet there are few opportunities for them to explore the unique challenges they face in the professional work environment and the resulting contributions and perspectives they offer as leaders. This course offers the opportunity for women to engage with other women, increase their support network, and further define their leadership style and mindset. Participants will learn more about the leaders they want to be and make commitments about behavioral changes they want to implement to move their own careers forward, advocating for themselves and for other women. This women’s leadership course empowers women to identify, develop, and ultimately contribute their unique qualities to meet the challenges in an evolving work environment. This course will also help participants take the next step to more senior positions at strategic levels.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Women in Leadership Training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize traits of successful women leaders
  • Discuss challenges women experience in the workplace
  • Implement strategies to address challenges women face in the workplace
  • Use self-awareness to strengthen leadership skills
  • Analyze how your leadership style and values impact the work environment
  • Adapt techniques for displaying confidence, presence, and credibility to suit your unique leadership style
  • Build your personal brand for career growth

Target Audience

  • All Corporate women in Public and Private organizations

I would like to learn more about these workshop topics:

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